The durable Abrastop™ floor covering is designed to be installed on the existing subfloor of the vehicles, and prevents problems thanks to its superior characteristics. It also solves the problems encountered when using other floor coverings. 

  • Benefits


    • Maintains grip, even when wet.

    • Meets fire, smoke, and toxicity standards.

    • It is possible to add guidance and evacuation elements.


    Environmentally Responsible

    • Generally does not require repairs, but, if necessary, a special kit for repairs is offered.

    • Its lifetime is estimated to be 40 years. 

    • No mid-life disposal is necessary, since no replacement is required before the end of its 40 years of service.

    • The factory where it is made is certified ISO 14001.


    • Low cost option, when the price is calculated over the life cycle of the floor covering.

    • Protects the vehicle from degradation by eliminating decay and corrosion.

    • Reduces maintenance costs.

    • Eliminates costs due to repair/replacement of the floor before the end of its lifetime.



    • Resistant to abrasion, resulting in superior durability.

    • Innovative installation with large panels.

    • Protects the subfloor and the vehicle body from decomposition.

    • Cleaning is easy even though it offers a non-slip surface. 

    • Its options are integrated homogeneously (logos, photoluminescent markings, etc.). 


    • The panels are cut to fit each cabin.

    • The floor covering is available in a wide range of shades for a perfect harmony with the other components of the cabin.

    • Many options are available according to needs.

    • R&D is a strength of Baultar, so we would be pleased to adapt our products to meet your special needs.

  • General description


    The Abrastop™ floor covering is made of a layer of composite material composed of resin and coloured aggregates, and is provided with glass fiber reinforcement. It can easily overlap the joints of the existing subfloor, or an uneven subfloor. This product, unique to Baultar, is suitable for vehicles already equipped with a subfloor. Logos, pictograms, or stripes can be perfectly integrated. 


  • Specifications


    The Abrastop™ meets the highest standards. A large number of tests in laboratory and in house have enabled us to meet this transportation market request.


    • Impact Resistance: ASTM D5420-10

    • Flexion: ASTM D790

    • Wear resistance: ASTM D501 with H-22 wheel

    • Water absorption: ASTM D570

    • Resistance to household products: ASTM D1308-02 / EN 430

    • Resistance to chemical products: ASTM D534-06

    • Fire resistance: NF 92 501/507

    • Smoke test: NF F 16-101

    • Production of toxic gas: Boeing BSS 7239

    Please contact us to obtain more information about our test results.