Founded in 1984, Baultar is a company that operates in the transportation sector. From the beginning, we have designed, manufactured, and distributed increasingly efficient, reliable, and durable products with the intention of creating value for our clients.

We understand that meeting the needs of our end clients requires excellent service from our internal clients. Thus, each function of our company is evaluated on its capacity to serve both internal and external clients. It is in this spirit that we seek to constantly improve our products, services, and internal processes.

We rely on the continuous progress of a balanced set of strategic capabilities, such as engineering, production, and client service, allowing us to control the quality of operations over time. To complement this strategic capacity, we rely on expert partners and collaborators who are located as close to us as possible and whose values are consistent with our own. Baultar's management therefore intends to develop a local network of professional-service subcontractors to create development synergy and to ensure the sustainability of work in the region.

We are therefore committed to developing, implementing, and improving our quality management system so we can support, through a structured approach, our desire to always better satisfy our clients.