Baultar Seating Solutions does business with companies around the world who work in the transportation and rail freight transit fields. Our seats are used in the industry and are renowned for their durability, ergonomics, adaptability, and security features, as well as the low cost of their life cycle.

Find below some of the projects we have completed:

  • Mass Transit

    Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC)


    In 2006, Baultar and the RTC collaborated to create a seat to eliminate back pain in bus drivers. The result of this partnership, the 5000 series seat, enabled the RTC to reduce its occupational health and safety fees and decrease its maintenance fees. Since 2007, no accidents related to the seat have occurred. The RTC has been able to save over $180,000 per year in health and safety costs.

    Thanks to the Baultar seat, the RTC received the CSST's Innovation Award for the Quebec region in 2009. 

    Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

    The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) chose the 4000 series seat when equipping its new Azur metro vehicles, now still under construction. The operators of these vehicles will enjoy the comfort of this ergonomic seat designed by Baultar.

  • Rail Freight

    CSX Transportation

    CSX Transportation has been a client of Baultar since 2001.

    CSX selected the Baultar seats for their robustness, reliability, and low replacement and maintenance costs. Baultar seats meet the requirements of this railway transportation company.

    Since 2001, the company has chosen the 3500 seats for its drivers. The company also required foldable and retractable seats that are used as third seats in their locomotives. 

    Canadian National Railway (CN)

    CN was the first customer of Baultar in 1984. Today, Baultar seats have become the standard for this company and cover 80% of its fleet. Baultar operator's seats were developed to meet the multiple needs of the CN with regard to health, safety, ergonomics, and comfort.

    CN mainly uses 3500 series seats for its drivers. It also uses the foldable and retractable seats as third seats in its locomotives. Although very pleased with the 3500 series seat, CN recently ordered 4000 series seats, as this version offers additional adjustment choices and positioning control options.