Founded in 1985, Baultar is a company that operates in the transportation sector. We design and manufacture increasingly efficient, responsible, and reliable products, with the goal of creating value for our clients.

We understand our social responsibility, and we wish to contribute to the well-being of our employees and the community. We consider the environment to be an invaluable and irreplaceable collective resource. For this reason, we are committed to preventing pollution and to continually reducing our environmental impact. We are committed to improving our work practices so we can reduce material waste and the use of dangerous products and reduce the risks posed to the health and safety of our workers. Additionally, we are committed to conforming to all legal, and other, requirements that are applicable to the environmental aspects of our business.

Baultar’s management is dedicated to planning and directing the activities necessary to maintain the ISO 14001 : 2015 standard. To this end, the company implements environmental programs, sets performance targets, and gives itself the means to achieve them. Baultar’s environmental policy is reviewed annually during the management review.